23 November 2017

Winterscape: Love Nature by Oriflame

Hii Guys!

Though it is not really winters in Mumbai, a slight nip in the air is what's making me happy these days to start the day on a good note. It also gets quite pleasant in the evening and night resulting in weather change and making it important to take care of my skin. My skin tends to get dry during cold weather. And I am sure that's a problem you all must be facing too. 

Comes winter and there's hustle of going for a holiday in the year-end, shopping, a mad rush for completing projects and what not. We often tend to ignore our skin even when we shouldn't. 

In today's blog, am sharing my 3 new products from Oriflame plus a few natural hacks I swear by to keep my skin happy in all times! 

Starting with the 3 products that are my go-to this season:

1. Love Nature Cleansing Gel
If you have been a regular with my blog, I had written about this product a month or so ago. 

It works great to clear acne and blemishes on the skin if used on a regular basis. I apply it alternate days and it does make my skin feel soft.

Get your own from here at 379 INR.

2. Love Nature Shower Gel
This product speaks Freshness to me and it smells SO divine! With the goodness of 2 great ingredients - Olive Oil and Aloe Vera, this shower gel is a blessing for people like me who keep hunting for a good shower gel. 

While Aloe Vera has a high moisturizing level, Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and helps to soften skin.

This product comes in a flip flop plastic bottle and is a thick gel texture which spreads smoothly on the skin. I just wish the scent stayed longer after the batch but still, this one's a must buy and try.

Buy it here for 449 INR.

3. Love Nature Body Lotion
What's a winter skin regime without a good lotion? The Love Nature Body Lotion's fragrance promises to overwhelm you. The scent of Mint and Raspberry is right there when you open the tube. 

I apply this lotion right before sleeping or after a bath in the morning to make sure it gets ample amount of time to absorb. The lotion is slightly runny and of thin texture. Though, it manages to leave a cooling feeling behind after applying.

You can buy it here for 499 INR.

I really love the new 'Love Nature' collection by Oriflame. There are more products in the category and I will be using them one by one to tell you all about my experience! 
The packaging of these products is different from the usual Oriflame products and are environmental friendly.

What the brand says: Love Nature celebrates ingredients from nature that smell and feel fantastic. Every pleasurable product has been created to benefit your body and respect the planet.
Coming onto my 3 sure shot skin-healthy hacks:
1. Drink Water - I know 11 in 10 people ask you to do that but that's what it is. Drink as much as you can! Carry a bottle of water with you when out so that you do not miss out on drinking it.

2. Avoid fried food - I have reduced this considerably and it does help!

3. Smile more often - There's no denying that when you smile, you feel good not just from outside but from the inside and that's what makes all the difference.

Until we meet again, don't miss out on picking one of these products (or all!). Do share your views with me in the comments section of this blog.

20 September 2017

Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi

A dark and comic novel about young engineering/MBA graduates navigating a new India and redefining romance, success and everything that matters.

This new book on my bedside table is - Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi which has released today!

Mukund and Chaddha spend their days comfortably ensconced in their cushy jobs, wallowing in regrets that make for good conversation. Mukund, in a fit of bravado. resigns to pursue his “calling”; the only hitch is that he doesn’t know what it is yet! Chaddha is fired and seeks solace in shooting pigeons at point-blank range. Mukund’s life spirals out of control when Colonel Harpal Singh, the housing society secretary, finds in him a reflection of his estranged son. Harpal places Mukund under “house arrest”, puts him on trial in a kangaroo court and coerces him to fight a ludicrous duel. Constantly under threat, and running out of time and money, Mukund is about to go back to being a man with bad dandruff, a small car and even smaller dreams, when he meets Suman, a girl who, like him, is trying to figure out what life is all about. Blowfish is a fast, funny and irreverent take on the overhyped pursuit of passion in a country where flashy cars and posh bungalows remain the only lasting symbols of success and happiness. 


Siddharth Tripathi was born in Allahabad and went to school in Banaras. He is a B.E from NIT Trichy and an MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. Siddharth lives in Gurgaon with his wife and five-year-old son. The Virgins, published in 2013, is his first novel.

The book is priced at INR 399 and is a quick read. I shall be tweeting about it once I complete reading it :)

Will you pick it?

Until then, 
Keep travelling with a book in your bag!

17 September 2017

Tea Tree for Oily Skin - Oriflame Love Nature - Cleansing Gel

Hey friends, how is the Sunday coming along? I have realised this lately that when you are freelancing, whether it is a Monday or Friday or weekend, you don't really have a clue but what one must keep a check on is their skin. Especially with this changing clueless weather everywhere and the bad pollution and dirt, our skin (especially that of face) requires utmost importance.

I am sure you all have a face cleansing regime (if not, consider it!). What am going to share with you today is a product that I have used for the past 1 month and was waiting to be written about - the Oriflame Love Nature Cleansing Gel - for purifying oily skin in Tea Tree which is a known ingredient for clearing acne prone skin and blemishes on the skin.

I have a combination skin and my cheeks are filled with acne on and off, many times of the year. I recently got this cleansing gel for two reasons: One, for the Tea Tree component. Two, I believe in Oriflame, have been using its products for about 3 years now.

What does the product claims?
Love Nature Cleansing Gel Tea Tree effectively cleanses oily skin with the power of Tea Tree essential oil. Removes impurities, make-up and excess sebum, helping to prevent blemishes without over-drying.

How to use?

  1. Take a small amount of the gel on your palm.
  2. Apply thoroughly on your face, neck and behind the ear lobe.
  3. Massage and leave for a few seconds.
  4. Rinse with water.
The consistency of the gel is mild runny, it creates good lather and has a hint of mint green color to it. It has a very light smell which is quite refreshing.

Did it make the cut? - Yes!
  • It is travel friendly - love the sturdy packaging. (the cap fits tightly which means, no leaking!)
  • Doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or dehydrated
  • A small quantity is enough to create lather
  • Worth the money
What did not work out>? - It contains Paraben.

Will I buy it again? Yes, once I finish it (it is a 150 ml bottle). I would want to try the other cleansing gel of the same - Love Nature range by Oriflame too.

Buy it here: Love Nature Cleansing Gel Tea Tree
Priced at INR 379 for a 150 ml bottle
Let me know what you think of it. Will you buy it or no?

Leave your views in the comments section below.

Keep Traveling,

14 September 2017

Travel for yourself!

Don't visit a place so you could check-in and let others know. Don't visit a place so you could click a new picture and upload. Don't visit a place because other people are so why cannot you. Don't visit a place for being called a wanderer. Don't visit a place so you could put it up on social media. 

Visit a place, so you could feel better than you felt a day before. 

06 September 2017

From a full time job to being a Freelancer!

It is close to midnight and am writing about one of my recent trips that you will read about on The Brown Scooter soon. I have just come back from a long 8 day South India trip on Saturday.  I got a chance to visit Jaisalmer as well last month. What a pretty city!

August has been quite wonderful - right from Jaisalmer to Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry and Coimbatore; cannot thank the life enough.

I had not planned this ages ago though. It just happened one after the other, for some reason or the other. Suddenly after I quit my last full time job and wrote about it. Been quite eventful after the whole notice period phase. Friends have pinged and asked about my whereabouts; some really fascinated with my current life, some genuinely sending across full time job offers. Well to be clear, I am on a break, a break from full time work, have taken up a couple of freelance projects, consulting a wonderful company called SheThePeople.TV and helping my friend build The Digital Brunch, a digital marketing course for everyone!

How has the journey been the past 1 month? Well, there's one thing getting up on a Monday and not go to work. And another to continue to have such Mondays and get used to it. How can one be ready for being a Freelancer or a consultant and not have a full time job?

Here's how. (Basically what I did)

1. Find avenues to keep yourself busy
It can be a hobby or a house chore you want to help your family with on a daily basis - find something which keeps you busy so that you are not lazying around or think of not having a job. Use your skills and earn some money by applying for freelance projects from across the world. (works wonder if you are into writing, social media, digital marketing, teaching, marketing, designing, etc.)

I will be doing a separate blog on how to freelance.

2. Meet your friends
Call the ones you haven't met in a long time and meet them! There's nothing better than catching up on old friends and their stories and discuss what they have been upto all this time.

3. Take a trip!
Actually, this should have been No.1 on my list. And it should say trip(s). I did this and believe me, it helps tremendously. A trip helps you think better, you learn about new cities and culture, you take a step away from the mundane life; what's more to ask?

4. Gain a new skill set
I have recently joined Zumba (because I wanted to lose fat) and the feeling is amazing. You can learn a dance form or try new recipes at home and don the chef hat. Knitting, Calligraphy, Sports, Writing; there's so much to do! Visit - www.thedigitalbrunch.com in case you want to learn Digital Marketing over weekends in Mumbai!

5. Study further
Be it IGNOU or Coursera, there are plenty of courses and subjects to choose from. Pick one and you won't be disappointed!

6. Last but the most important, spend time with your family
From your parents waiting for you to come home even when it was past midnight to your siblings waiting for the weekend to come by, spend time with your family for nothing can beat that!

Stay tuned to know about how one can apply for freelance opportunities and earn while on-a-break in my next blog!

Until then,
Keep travelling,

03 August 2017

Take that break!

I am writing this from the desk of the job that I have recently quit. Quit, to make amends to my health. Quit, to make amends to my heart. Quit, to make amends to Family and friends. Quit, for peace.

How often have you found yourself looking at the screen of your laptop, doing nothing, just gazing into it, with plethora of thoughts running in your head making no sense at all?

From the past few months, I have lived such a moment more than many times. Reason? Unknown. May be it is the stress of commuting in this commotion of Mumbai Local and its crowd or was it the work stress? Or sheer dreams of moving out of a full time work to doing things which will give me peace?

Months went by, the idea of resigning was always at the back of my mind. Sooner or later I knew I had to, but didn’t know when. You know this idea of a regular salary coming into your account is like a plague. De-stressing from no angle whatsoever. I don’t have to pay home bills or grocery as I live with my parents. Money isn’t the issue, it is more like, being at peace, more happy, away from the hustle bustle of the regular life. Wanting to lose the unhealthy fat and live the age old dream of writing, working on-the-go, while I get to see the world at my own pace.

The idea of moving into a freelance job struck me a few months back and there, it was decided that I will move on. Mental and Physical health, adequate amount of sleep, adequate amount of time with Family and friends – that’s all I could see. 

While I was scrolling through Twitter the other day, several tweets made me realise how I am not alone. There are many souls looking for freedom from their current lifestyle. Some have faced mental breakdown, some on the verge of it, some passed through it. It is okay to be low, friends. But it is all the more okay to realise that it is time you move onto something which is better; be it a job, a relationship, a city; anything.

Take that break.

Talk to your boss, friends, colleagues and family. Nothing is worth mental peace.

Move out of your cubicle. Move your head out of that laptop. Move out of the plethora of notifications which barge your life almost every second.
*ABC liked your Photo*
*123 tagged you in a meme*
*Your tweet has been Retweeted 12 times*
mute that non-stop buzzing whatsapp group. 

Take that break!

Pay attention to your family asking for some time with them, pay attention to your brother who probably wants to discuss how his day was at school today, pay attention to your sister who might be wanting to go out on a dinner date with you, pay attention to your best friend who is always there to listen to your rants, pay attention to things which don't need a notification.

You won’t get this time again :)
Stay tuned to my chronicles of life post no-desk job ...